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Washington State Elected Accountability Initiative

We knocked on doors, made phone calls and won elections. Now what?. Learning how to best deploy our power as the “boss” of elected officials can help us make real change, especially at the local level. Common Purpose is here to help you make pathways and connections with our electeds!

A CP introduction to engaging with your elected officials

Coffees, Town halls & Forums


We’ve made it easy to find and attend upcoming elected official “Coffees”/”Office Hours”, Town Halls and Debates/Forums. We’ll highlight a few on our Calendar and Events pages, but our exhaustive resource is on a doc here.


Meet Electeds with CP Captain Help

Common Purpose Washington State Captains will provide support and guidance for three kinds of elected officials. Draw on your Captain’s experience to guide your meeting plans.



This team will focus on interacting with Washington State Legislators.

Email Captain Edie Harding by clicking here.

Find your legislators:

Track a bill on the WA Legislature’s website:



This team will focus on interacting with King County Council members.

Email Captain Ron Posthuma by clicking here.

Find your King County Council member:

Find your Seattle City Council member:

Find your Seattle City School Board Member:



This team will focus on interacting with US Congressional Reps for Washington State.

Email Captain Peter Scholes by clicking here.

Find your Congressional Representative:


Days of Action

Let's continue engaging with elected officials! To make it even easier, we’re providing the phone numbers, email addresses and local office locations for a wide range of elected officials who impact the Seattle area – including the Governor, members of Congress, state legislators, King County Council members, and Seattle City Council members.

We want you to contact elected officials about the state of democracy, the further expansion of voting rights in Washington state, and any issues that you personally are invested in.

Here's the list contact, make a call or send an email!