Audrey “AJ” Musewe

Director, Leadership Lab

Coming from a family with 9 aunts and uncles and 25 first cousins on her mom’s side, Audrey “AJ” Musewe has lived the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” Kenyan-born, she grew up in Seattle straddling two different cultures and constantly looking for a way to blend the two. Both in her Motherland and here in the States, she’s been surrounded by activism and powerful examples of women taking charge for the sake of their community. From 13, she’s been an unofficial intern for her mother’s non-profit that focuses on supporting HIV/AIDS orphans in rural western Kenya by providing education, nutritious meals, and access to antivirals that are given to the orphans under supervision of a medical professional. AJ began her own working career with at-risk youth when she was 16, having worked at Rainier Community Center, Garfield Teen Life Center, and Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club. Her dual cultural experience also led her to volunteer with Lifelong AIDS Alliance to better understand the impact of the virus here in the States. AJ started with CP, from its first day, as one of the community builders with her activism life partner, Audrey V. Now, as a director for CP’s Leadership Lab, she’s excited to find ways to create safe spaces for young people to decide how they want to engage civically with their community; by fostering these spaces, they’ll be able to make mistakes, learn, and grow. Go Team.