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CP in NC: Team Working in North Carolina!

There is a special election in the NC-9th Congressional district on September 10.

This election is directly on point with our commitment to a just and inclusive democracy: we have a chance to defeat a Republican candidate (Dan Bishop) who has built a career as a state legislator ostracizing and excluding people, most notoriously with the anti-transgender “bathroom bill” in 2017. Further, we have a chance to win a congressional district in which the Republican Party flat-out cheated during the 2018 midterm elections. Our awesome North Carolina partner organization You Can Vote wants us to help mobilize voters (i.e. GOTV) during the early voting period, Sept 1-8.

You Can Vote sees this special election as a key momentum-builder for North Carolina Democrats launching into 2020; if we hope to win then we need to do work now. We can win NC in 2020, and the US Senate race there is going to be very important.

You can join our NC team email list right now by signing up on our Fieldwork page, and our NC team leads Jordan Goldwarg and Andy Reynolds will host an informational conference call on Thursday, August 8, at 7 pm. To join this call, dial 800-220-9875, then enter passcode 12647645.