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It’s time. We’re not waiting until 2020 to start planning for one of the most significant elections of our lives. Join us today by signing up for a State Team (or two) to be added to the mailing list, get to know the team and eventually travel to these key swing states.

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Fieldwork Team Sign-ups

You’ve done your homework. You’ve heard our plans. Now it’s time to choose a team to support as Common Purpose does what it does best: multiply local efforts by knocking on doors and engaging voters face to face, at home and around the country.

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2019 Teams


Team Virginia

Maggie & AJ for Team VIRGINIA

UPDATE: Team Sign-ups are full! Thanks for your involvement.

With its off-year elections, Virginia State House and Senate are in play. All 100 General Assembly seats are up for grabs this year, and a progressive State Legislature Trifecta can be achieved by flipping only 3 seats in both the House and Senate.

More info on Virginia elections from the web here.

Here’s the state 1-Pager with team details.


2019 Completed Team Efforts

Team North Carolina UPDATE: The team traveled during the first week of September in partnership with local org You Can Vote.

While the special election didn’t have the result we’d worked towards, we were able to register over 200 voters during our time there. The trip was also made up of our widest age range (from 15 to 82 years old), a testament to the breadth of our CP community.

Looking for more detail? Here’s the state 1-pager.


Team Florida UPDATE: Success in Tampa! See our results here.

On June 10th-30th supported our local partner in registering returning citizens (those who previously had their voting rights taken away due to a felony) as possible prior to a July 1st deadline. Our focus was on Pinellas county (Tampa area) where we worked alongside local volunteers.


Team Wisconsin UPDATE: We Traveled!

We completed our trip on April 2nd. 10 people, 2000 doors knocked.

Result: Judge Lisa Neubauer did not win her election for State Supreme Court Justice. One bright spot: we helped get out the vote for Danielle Shelton, an African American woman who won her race to be a Milwaukee Circuit Court judge (only the third in Wisconsin’s history).

Background on the result here