Our Impact

IMPACT - US Map.png

In 2018 we worked in 12 states, registering voters and supporting local petition efforts in the Spring, and backing progressive candidates while getting out the vote in the Fall for the Midterms.


The Common Purpose Way

We may hail from Seattle, but when we arrive in a state to work with a local partner organization we’re following their lead. We carefully select local partner orgs that align with our values, and while in-state we fully adopt their plans, priorities and tactics. We may be passionate and experienced, but we respect the reality that the most lasting change is driven by local citizens. We’re here to be multipliers.



Volunteers in 2018

Over 400 Seattle volunteers worked with us to register voters and canvassed to get-out-the-vote in Washington State and across the nation.



Doors knocked in 2018

Between Spring and Fall waves we knocked on 42,000 doors and had a 1-in-5 success rate of voters engaged in-person.



Rising Leaders in 2018

The aspirational future of civic engagement in America, over half of our full leadership team was comprised of racially diverse and young (≤30yrs) leaders.