Tour: IOWA

Tour: IOWA

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A Common Purpose trip to the 2020 Iowa Caucuses: Jan 29 - Feb 3, 2020

  • EXPERIENCE candidates first-hand rather than just through news coverage.

  • CHOOSE from a curated menu of candidate campaign locations, or head out on your own.

  • ENGAGE voters on the ground during our designated volunteer day as you choose your preferred candidate and get out the vote for them.

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Iowa Caucuses 2020


  • Arrive on Wednesday Jan 29, depart on Monday morning Feb 3

  • Caucuses are Monday evening Feb 3

Want to travel to see, hear, and perhaps even meet the 2020 Democratic Party candidates for the presidency? In the early primary-election states, we can do this. David Domke has traveled with UW students to interview and cover the Democratic primaries (in 2008) and the Republican primaries (in 2012). Now he and Common Purpose colleagues Charles Douglas, Kiana Scott, and Maria Abando would like to invite a small number of civically inclined folks to come along.

BASE LOCATION: Iowa City, Iowa


Candidates will be campaigning all across the states, and you’ll have a chance to see and hear them up close in person. In these states, presidential candidates are far more accessible to everyday voters than you’ve ever seen in Washington state. You’ll experience the candidates in first-hand ways rather than solely through news coverage, and you’ll feel the energy of voters on the ground, see news media doing their stuff, and experience it all in real time. It’s both the best of democracy and some of the most chaotic. We will stay in a hotel in a central city, we will have vans to move around each day, and we will figure out simple food plans. Each day you can choose from a menu of options our leadership team offers to see candidates campaigning, or you can head out on your own. And we will dedicate one day in each state for each of us to volunteer on behalf of a candidate of your choosing. It will be educational, inspiring, surprising, challenging, and catalyzing.


  • This is a civic grand-adventure open to a maximum of 20 people per state. If there are more than 20 interested in a state, we’ll select people by lottery.                

  • This does require people to be relatively mobile, and we also strongly suggest: a spirit of adventure, a mindset of flexibility, and a comfort in traveling with others. We’ll be in 15-person vans, in middle-class hotels, eating middle-class food, enjoying local customs and local hangouts. This is not even close to a luxury experience. This is an on-the-ground immersion in American presidential politics.

  • Cost doesn’t cover airfare as we find that people have specific travel needs or like to bookend trips with family visits or sightseeing. Lunch or dinner meals are also at your own cost but we’ll be eating together to build community.