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 Washington Work

Join a letter writing campaign, take a short trip to a local city to talk with voters, or meet with your elected officials. There are many ways to work with Common Purpose right here in this state.


 Support from Home

Looking to support our teams, other elections or initiatives from wherever you are? Join our letter writing, phone banking or similar campaigns that help you connect with voters in other cities and states.


 Letter Writing


Common Purpose is sending letters to key states in 2019 including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Please email Jamielyn to set up a one-on-one training. Only takes 10 minutes!

To do the letter-writing, here’s what’s needed:
❏ A computer/laptop/any kind of device, that is connected to …
❏ A printer, which has …
❏ Paper, on which after printing out some letters you’ll write with …
❏ A pen, and after done writing you’ll place the paper into …
❏ Standard envelopes, upon which you will place (on the outside ) …
❏ Postage, which will then enable you to send the letters through …
❏ US mail


Fieldwork in WA

Whether you’re looking to get involved for the first time, preparing to eventually travel with a national team, or continuing your civic engagement after traveling look here for opportunities for work locally in the field.




Canvass with Common Purpose in support of a progressive slate of candidates that could flip the SeaTac City Council!

There are four progressive candidates running for seats on the SeaTac City Council this year. The SeaTac City Council is responsible for choosing the Mayor, currently a Trump-supporting conservative who has faced criticism for anti-immigrant sentiments. Having a strong progressive council would be a big step forward for a very diverse city with large numbers of low-wage workers that is currently controlled by conservative business interests.

Canvass with candidates Senayet Negusse, Damiana Merryweather, Takele Gobena, and Mohamed Egal campaigns every Saturday and Sunday until Election Day. Check our events page for details on each canvass date, time and location.


Washington State Elected Accountability Initiative

We knocked on doors, made phone calls and won elections. Now what?. Learning how to best deploy our power as the “boss” of elected officials can help us make real change, especially at the local level. Common Purpose is here to help you make pathways and connections with our electeds!

A CP introduction to engaging with your elected officials

Coffees, Town halls & Forums


We’ve made it easy to find and attend upcoming elected official “Coffees”/”Office Hours”, Town Halls and Debates/Forums. We’ll highlight a few on our Calendar and Events pages, but our exhaustive resource is on a doc here.


Electeds Contact Info

To make it easier to contact your elected officials, we’re providing the phone numbers, email addresses and local office locations for a wide range of leaders who impact the Seattle area and Washington State overall.

Contact elected officials about the state of democracy, the further expansion of voting rights in Washington state, and any issues that you personally are invested in.

Contact info Google doc here.

Be An Informed WA Voter

Don’t forget to use your voice as you encourage others to do the same. We recommend using the Progressive Voters Guide put together by our friends at Fuse Washington as a resource.