About Us

Common Purpose works to foster, support and amplify a democracy that is just and inclusive.

We provide creative on-ramps to civic fieldwork, expand the people engaging in and benefiting from it, and sustain this effort by investing in the next generation of leaders.


Drive Civic Action

Catalyze and bolster a public who takes action in support of a just and inclusive democracy.


Build Lasting Community

Foster a community in which people learn from, support and grow with one another.


Promote New Leadership

Identify and invest in young, diverse leaders and promote them into leadership positions within CP and beyond.


— THE COMMON PURPOSE WAY: Multipliers in the field —

We. Travel. We don’t only give money. We don’t just inspire friends and family to get involved in local politics. We TRAVEL to swing states where supporting progressive initiatives and candidates means impacting significant change in national politics.


We may hail from Seattle, but when we arrive in a state to work with a local partner organization we’re following their lead. We carefully select local partner orgs that align with our values, and while in-state we fully adopt their plans, priorities and tactics. We may be passionate and experienced, but we respect the reality that the most lasting change is driven by local citizens. We’re here to be multipliers.


Our Team

Young and diverse on purpose, our staff reflect actual, tangible investment in the next generation of civic leaders. This is the America we hope to help build.


CP Interns

Periodically we select a few young people to teach us how to be more thoughtful, more patient and all around more cool human beings. However short, it’s always an honor to work alongside them as they assist with event logistics, educational and organizational research, and fieldwork planning.

Class of 2019: Laila, Asha, Jay and Graham, Inaugural Common Purpose Interns (OGs)

Class of 2019: Laila, Asha, Jay and Graham, Inaugural Common Purpose Interns (OGs)